Epic! is the leading digital learning brand for kids reaching 15 Million children across the globe with high-quality books and videos in a safe, kid-first environment. Epic! is in 93% of all classrooms in the United States. The original brand was very masculine, bold and agressive, rooted in Epic's gaming past. Using a human centered design process we quickly learned why the ratio of girls to boys on the platform was 25/75. Gender nutarilty, softening and expanding to a border palette was just the beginning, we also applied what we learned through workshops to everything from the illustration style to the user experience.

Brand Designer
Creative Direction

exploration & Immersion

User research and data gathering workshops gave us Insite into the the current perception of the Epic! brand. We learned many interesting and unexpected things about younger children's view of the world, which we used to guide our early ideas.

Brand Traits

FPD (Fun + Playful + Delightful)
Original /Genuine / Cool / Accessible / Treasured / Reliable

Logo mark explorations

Refine & Prototype

Final Logo

Using data gathered from focus groups and a human centric design process we explored the possiblities of the brand within our defined perimeters.

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